COSY CROFTY (update 6)

Posted: Tue, 30 Jul 2019

Your latest weekly update on progress :

  • Byfield Heating Ltd anticipate completing Stage 1 of their work (installation of boiler, heating units and pipework) by 31st This will include filling the system with water and testing the circulation pumps. They will return to site to liaise with the installation of the upgraded gas supply and the new gas meter.
  • The new gas supply will be installed by Fulcrum on 15th August (this will entail some external excavation across the pavement – suitable safety measures will be in place) and the new meter installed by Opus Energy shortly after that. There will be a short period between the removal of the old gas meter and the installation of the new one. We will keep this to a minimum and advise users when the gas supply will be disconnected.
  • The new heating system will have included over 600 metres of copper water piping and over 100 metres of electrical wiring to connect the 31 radiators and heaters throughout the premises – it’s a big old building.
  • Users will now notice a bit of a pause in proceedings as we await the new gas service installation. Byfield Heating will then return to connect in the new meter and to test and commission the system.
  • Paul Copley Electrical will continue to install the remaining LED lighting units over the next couple of weeks.
  • The scaffolding to allow Sheffield Window Centre access to their works will be erected on 13th/14th August and will include all necessary safety features to enable safe access to the building for user groups and visitors during the works. The scaffolding will be used by Greg Owens Roofing to carry out repair works to the main roof of the building before windows installation commences on 9th September.