COSY CROFTY (update 10)

Posted: Sat, 7 Sep 2019

Your latest weekly update on progress:

  • Byfield Heating have now connected the new gas supply, via the new meter installed by SMS (for Opus Energy) to the new heating system and the system is now ready to be commissioned into operation. The system safety procedures have all been signed off and we’re ready to go. The Croft House premises have been divided into five different control zones and each zone will be programmed separately to give heating in the various activity areas when required whilst economising when not in use. Obviously, with such a complex arrangement, this is going to take a while to set up and settle down and there are bound to be a few teething problems in the first few weeks. Fortunately, we have sufficient time to get the system settled down and working efficiently before the winter season kicks in. Then we can all look forward to a truly “Cozy Crofty”.
  • Paul Copley Electrical have just a few minor adjustments to complete to the new LED lighting but all is generally now up-and-running and providing a great level of lighting throughout the building which is not only effective, but energy efficient.
  • Sheffield Window Centre are due to commence the installation of the new double-glazed windows throughout the building on 9th September and have scheduled 8 working days to complete. This, too, will provide a brand-new look to the building, both from the outside and internally, especially in areas like Croft Hall where there has been no natural lighting for many years. Double-glazing offers a great improvement in the insulation of the building and a reduction in heat loss through the windows, thus saving on energy costs.
  • Greg Owen Roofing are now busily working on the main roof of the Centre to correct a series of slipped and damaged slates, removal of a couple of old redundant ventilators, replacement of flashings and re-settling of coping stones. They will also be replacing some areas of guttering and doing a little “gardening” to remove self-seeded vegetation from the upper areas of the walls.
  • Volunteer Help – we are now approaching the stage in the proceedings where we will be calling for volunteers from within the Croft House user groups to help us carry out some minor repairs following the current installations and to also do a fair amount of re-decorating work to complete the visual improvements of our project. Please keep an eye open for notices and postings in the usual places when we have the opportunities set up.