COSY CROFTY (update 3)

Posted: Tue, 9 Jul 2019

Here’s the latest update on the progress of our exciting energy conservation project :

  • The project is now LIVE as our first contractor, Paul Copley Electrical, has begun the installation of new LED lighting throughout the building. Their work is timed to last 2 to 2½ weeks and users will very soon begin to see a difference in the intensity and quality of lighting as many of the units can be adjusted to give a choice of lighting colour to suit the application – high tech stuff ! In addition to the improved quality of lighting, of course, every single LED light unit installed will save us money. The toilet areas have already been completed and work is due to commence on The Peter Wharton Room and Reception areas this week.
  • Next on site will be Byfield Heating who are due to commence with the installation of the new central heating system on Monday 15th This is likely to be the most disruptive of the elements as pipework has to be laid and heating appliances installed. We will do our very best to minimise disturbance to user group activities and will give the maximum amount of notice possible of any unavoidable cancellations or restrictions. Please remember that at certain times of this work there will be no gas supply to the kitchen cooker. This element has a further complication in that we ned to have an upgraded gas supply and a new meter installed. These are to be done by sub-contractors Fulcrum and Opus Energy and we are still unsure about dates, etc. A small area of Croft Hall has been sectioned off to create a storage area for the heating contractor’s materials and equipment. All user groups are requested to ensure none of their members go into that area for any reason.
  • The full detailed survey of windows has now been completed by Sheffield Window Centre and a start date of 9th September has been confirmed. We have a bit of a wait to see the massive difference new windows will make (especially in Croft Hall which I am particularly excited about) whilst the new units are manufactured but I promise you it will be worth the wait.
  • Cleaning is obviously going to be an extra problem during all these works and, whilst our resident star cleaner Chiarina will continue to work her magic, we may have to accept a less-than-usual standard in certain areas. Anything user groups can do to minimise waste, etc will be appreciated.
  • I hope you’ve all noticed the new sign outside the main entrance door advising that the project is “Coming Soon”. We are committed to giving as much publicity as possible to our funders Veolia Environmental Trust and this will be further established by the installation of a permanent plaque within the building once the whole project is completed. Plans are also in hand for an “official re-launch” of the project – maybe an “Open Day”? Ideas welcomed.
  • Running alongside the energy conservation project are repairs to the main roof and smaller roof over the staircase. These are due to commence shortly with the main roof to be completed using the window contractor’s scaffolding in September. As these costs are not included in the project grant, we are running a Croft House Roof Appeal to ensure our reserves are depleted as little as possible. Please watch out for more details of this and how YOU could get involved. If you have any (practical and legal) fundraising ideas please share them.