COSY CROFTY (update 2)

Posted: Thu, 27 Jun 2019

Things are starting to move a little more quickly now as, following a series of site meetings and surveys, we begin to receive confirmed contractors’ starting dates and duration times for the various elements of the project.

Here’s what we know so far :

  • Paul Copley Electrical will begin installation of new LED lighting units throughout the building on 30th June, planning for 2 to 2½ weeks to complete. Minimum disruption to regular user groups is anticipated.
  • Bywater Heating Limited have given a start date of 15th July with again 2 to 2½ weeks duration of work planned. This schedule may be affected by the installation of a new upgraded gas supply by Fulcrum with a new gas meter being supplied by Opus Energy – we are yet to receive confirmed dates for these works. The final commissioning and fine-tuning of the new central heating system will need to be done after this work is completed. This is likely to be the most disruptive part of the project and we will give as much notice as possible to groups whose areas will be affected.
  • Because each of the 43 new double-glazed window units is being individually made-to-measure by Sheffield Window Centre, they will not be commencing their installation process until Monday 9th September with a projected duration of 8 days to fit the glazing. Scaffolding will be erected on three sides of the building from the end of August to enable them to access the windows.
  • Greg Owens Roofing will be using the scaffolding erected by Sheffield Window Centre to carry out some repair and maintenance work to the main roof of the centre. This is not included in the Veolia grant but we are taking advantage of the scaffolding whilst it is in position. This will take place between 27th August and 6th September and should not affect any user groups’ activities.
  • Please note that whilst the scaffolding is in position there will be no facility for parking in the lower yard. Our apologies for this. Clear pedestrian access to the main entrance of Croft House will be maintained. Users are asked to remain aware that contractors will also be using the main front door to access the building. Both contractors and users are asked to take all necessary care at this point. The majority of work will be carried out during daytime working hours.
  • Some volunteering work has already been carried out in preparation for the contractors’ operations. There will be further need of such work as the project continues and in re-decoration after it finishes. Please let the office know if you are willing to help. User groups that have storage facilities at Croft House may be asked to move equipment, etc temporarily to ease access for contractors. Some areas of the building may be used for storage of contractors’ materials and equipment. These will be clearly signed and users’ co-operation and patience is requested during these works.
  • We are working with all contractors to try to ensure that there is minimal disruption to user groups’ activities. However, it may be necessary to ask groups to suspend activities for a short while if the need arises. We again ask your forbearance if this occurs – the end result will be well worthwhile.