COSY CROFTY (update 14)

Posted: Mon, 23 Sep 2019

Your final weekly update on progress :

  • Byfield Heating LtdAll works now completed.
  • Paul Copley ElectricalAll works now completed.
  • Sheffield Window CentreAll works now completed.
  • Follow-Up Jobs – There is quite a lot of work now to be done to bring areas of the building back up to a good standard, e.g. wall repairs and internal plastering work around new windows; removal of old electrical heaters and switchgear and making good the wall surfaces; LOTS of re-decoration (see below).
  • Volunteer Help – we have now arrived at the stage in the proceedings where we will be calling for volunteers from within the Croft House user groups to help us carry out a fair amount of re-decoration work to complete the visual improvements of our project. Please keep an eye open for notices and postings in the usual places when we have the opportunities set up.

This will be the final Bulletin for the Energy Conservation Project. There are other linked projects to be tackled (Croft Hall suspended ceiling and new lighting, refurbishment of Croft Hall dance floor – the vastly improved lighting in there shows just how much this is needed, installation of professional mirrors in Croft Hall and The Studio, restoration of first floor toilets and of the former ladies’ shower room as a storage area, re-roofing and refurbishment of Studio II. In a 173-year-old building like Croft House, the list goes on and on. The Council of Management is committed to maintaining the premises in as high a standard as possible and to making such improvements as can be funded. We continue to seek funding and will announce further projects as they become possible.

We are planning some form of “Open Day” in the not-too-distant future when we can open our doors and invite the public to come and take a look at the improvements that have been made. No date has yet been fixed but we will announce as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please feel free to talk to as many people as possible about Croft House, the activities available here and the opportunities for other groups to become involved.

Thank you to everyone involved for your patience and understanding during the Energy Conservation Project. We hope you are enjoying the benefits which will become more apparent as the winter approaches.