COSY CROFTY (update 13)

Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 2019

Your latest weekly update on progress :

  • Byfield Heating Ltd – The new central-heating system has been switched on for about a week now and is settling down and learning the programme we set. Yes, this intelligent system actually learns how long it takes to heat up each individual space to the set temperature and it makes sure it switches on that zone so that it reaches the correct level at the time set – clever stuff ! We’ve made a couple of minor adjustments in response to users’ comments and will continue the trial for a little while longer yet. If you have any comments on the heating – too cold, too warm, wrong timings, etc please report to the Croft House office.
  • Paul Copley Electrical – all works now completed. All LED lighting working satisfactorily – isn’t it good to get instant light when you switch on and not be waiting to see if the starters will kick in.
  • Sheffield Window Centre – work is now well under way with a good 50% of the double-glazed units now installed and looking great. If you haven’t been upstairs to see the dramatic effect the new windows have on Croft Hall, then it’s worth the trip – the first time that space has had natural light for well over 50 years ! Work continues this week to fit windows to the Eastern staircases and adjacent areas and to the two large, front arched windows which will make a massive difference to the initial impact of the building frontage. Work is due to be completed later this week.
  • Volunteer Help – we are now approaching the stage in the proceedings where we will be calling for volunteers from within the Croft House user groups to help us carry out some minor repairs following the current installations and to also do a fair amount of re-decorating work to complete the visual improvements of our project. Please keep an eye open for notices and postings in the usual places when we have the opportunities set up.