COSY CROFTY (update 11)

Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 2019

Your latest weekly update on progress :

  • Byfield Heating have now completed all their works and the new heating system is ready to go into operation. All the thermostats and controls have been individually programmed and will be activated around mid-September. Some minor electrical work to the boiler and controls still to be completed by Paul Copley Electrical. We will explain to all regular user groups how the new system will work (totally automatically) and what adjustments are available. Byfield Heating have promised easy access to a back-up and advice service until the system is up-and-running efficiently.
  • Paul Copley Electrical have only minor works to complete to the new LED lighting installations. Users will notice that all the emergency light fittings throughout the building have also been upgraded to LED models, helping to make any emergency evacuations of the building safer for all users.
  • Sheffield Window Centre have just erected the scaffolding to the frontage of the building to complete preparations for the commencement of windows installation on 9th SWC will work around daytime users of the building ensuring minimum disruption during their operations.
  • Greg Owen Roofing have now completed all the repairs to the main roof of the building giving us the confidence of a waterproof and secure roof to protect the remainder of the building. Work has included replacement of approximately 200 slates, repairs, clearing and replacement of gutters, removal of two old redundant ventilation units, upgrading of flashings, work to cement areas of coping stones and removal of several self-sown and well-established seedlings to the walls, gutters and roof areas. Excellent job Greg, thank you.
  • Volunteer Help – we are now approaching the stage in the proceedings where we will be calling for volunteers from within the Croft House user groups to help us carry out some minor repairs following the current installations and to also do a fair amount of re-decorating work to complete the visual improvements of our project. Please keep an eye open for notices and postings in the usual places when we have the opportunities set up.