COSY CROFTY (update 12)

Posted: Sun, 15 Sep 2019

Your latest weekly update on progress :

  • Byfield Heating Ltd – all works now completed – posted a separate note on the operation of the system and advised the initial activation date of 23rd All users and staff will be requested to carefully monitor the new system and report any concerns.
  • Paul Copley Electrical – all works now completed.
  • Sheffield Window Centre – will commence installation of the 43 double-glazed window units on Monday 9th September and anticipate completion in 8 working days. We have worked with SWC to plan the sequence of their operations so as not to disrupt the activities of our daytime user groups. However, there will inevitably be a little noise and dust involved and maybe some chilly draughts whilst the old windows are taken out. We’ll do our very best to keep this to a minimum and ask for patience and forbearance from our users – the end result will definitely be worth the short-term inconvenience.
  • Volunteer Help – we are now approaching the stage in the proceedings where we will be calling for volunteers from within the Croft House user groups to help us carry out some minor repairs following the current installations and to also do a fair amount of re-decorating work to complete the visual improvements of our project. Please keep an eye open for notices and postings in the usual places when we have the opportunities set up.